It would be very helpful if you would complete our puppy/dog initial contact form.
We try to match our puppies/dogs to suit each family situation, so we hope you will take a few minutes to complete our application form. It will give us a better picture of your expectations and will assist us in finding that extra special puppy or dog that is right for you and your lifestyle.
Breeding Dobermans is not our livelihood and we usually only have one, or possibly two, litters a year.  Our goal is, and has always been, to offer only quality companion and show puppies from health tested dogs while maintaining our lines which reach back over many generations.
  • Our puppies are born and raised in our home where they experience the usual household activities and noises.
  • We follow the Rule of 7's and conduct early neurological stimulation with every litter.
  • Our puppies receive their first worming at 10 days and at regular intervals thereafter.
  • Our puppies are sold with dewclaws removed, tails docked and ears cropped, and they are microchipped.
  • Their shots and wormings will be up-to-date when they leave us and the puppies will be allowed to go to their new homes after the ears are cropped, fully healed and in their first taping.
  • Puppies are accompanied by a folder which includes health data, information on crate training, ear taping, pedigree and general articles relating to the breed.  They also receive six weeks' free pet insurance available to breeders via the Canadian Kennel Club.
Unless there are some cosmetic faults that are evident at an early age, we will not know which puppies will be available as pets or as show puppies until they are evaluated for both conformation and temperament at around 8 weeks.  We may also choose to hold on to show puppies to see how they mature. 

Pet puppies will be placed on non-breeding registrations.  Show puppies will be fully registered and their owners required to meet our show contract. Unless a co-ownership is stipulated, we do not involve our puppy purchasers with 'litters back'.  We occasionally have older puppies or retired adults looking for new homes. 

We do guarantee the health of our puppies. We will also take our dogs back for any reason during their lifetime - in fact our contract stipulates that if things don't work out, the puppy/dog must be returned to us when we will attempt to re-home him/her on behalf of the previous owner.  It stands to reason that we have more reliable contacts than the average person, and this way we can assure ourselves that the dog is properly placed in his/her forever home.  

Since Mother Nature doesn't always cooperate, we do not take deposits until the puppies are actually born. We feel it unfair to expect potential buyers to commit to a litter that doesn't exist. We do however, place people on our waiting list in the order reservations are made. 

If you find yourself interested in an upcoming breeding, feel free to contact us to join the waiting list for new arrivals.  We are also happy to recommend other breeders that we consider reputable. 


There is no substitute for experience