January 5, 1985 - January 10, 1997

Sire:  Ch. Simca's Apple Jack
Dam: Ch. Wrath's Irish Cream

#1 Doberman, #1 Working Dog, 1986
The FIRST bitch to be Top Working Dog in Canada
A multi group, Best in Show and Specialty Winner
A top producer - DPCC Dam of the Year
A breed and group winner in the United States

Our everlasting gratitude to our wonderful friend, Carla Kowalchuk of Thunder Bay, Ontario, who leased Mercy's mother (Ch. Wrath's Irish Cream, CD) to us. Mercy's three litter brothers, Am/Can Ch. Wrath's Lamborghini, Am/Can Ch. Wrath's Alfa-Romeo, and Can Ch. Wrath's Maserati, although somewhat overshadowed by their sister, all have made contributions to the breed in their own right. We can never thank you enough, Carla.
Mercedes was every breeder's dream.
Conformation, temperament, style, showmanship -- she had it all...

But, above all, she was a loving and faithful friend.



She was born, the only bitch in a litter of four. Even at the tender age of 6 weeks she had style, and as she grew it became evident to everyone that she was going to be a "good one". The potential became a reality. She finished her Canadian championship at six months. She won her first breed and group under Bob Forsythe at the age of 9 months, entered "just for fun", and repeated the win a month later under J. Council Parker. Puppy groups and Puppy in Show wins were easy for her and she became DPCC PUPPY OF THE YEAR.

In early 1986 we were still showing Cola, so Mercy took a back seat until June when she made an entrance with a bang, winning 5 Best in Shows in the first week of the summer circuit! She won her first specialty at the tender age of 18 months, under Norm Kenney. That year, she was to become not only #1 Doberman but TOP WORKING DOG, the FIRST TIME A BITCH HAD WON THIS AWARD!! We were so proud of her, especially since she'd done it in only six months of showing...

Mercy finished her American championship in only 8 shows. A two point win under Robert Slay, turned into an exciting five point major when, in a torrential thunderstorm, she won a huge working group at South Hills KC, Pennsylvania. Another example of her temperament and showmanship.

Mercy was not only a wonderful show dog, but a great producer. One of her sons, AM/CAN CH. LIBERATOR'S SPRINGSTEEN (owned by Crystal Brand) was to take Winners Dog at the 1990 DPCA National Specialty in Colorado. His brother, AM/CAN CH. LIBERATOR'S MATINEE IDOL became a multi Best in Show Winner as well as a top sire. The breeding to Kafka (Am Ch. Brunswig's Cryptonite) produced
AM/CAN CH. LIBERATOR'S SUNDOWNER #1 Doberman for 1994 and the top sire for that year, and AM/CAN CH. WRATH'S HIGH SOCIETY, the foundation of Lee Kenyon's "Hearthfire" kennels. High Society, in turn was the dam of Ch. Hearthfire's August Dream, Canada's #1 Doberman in 1997 (owned by Hugh & Ingrid Middleditch). Our Tequila Sunrise is Mercedes' grand daughter, and carries so many of her characteristics.

Always a "smiler" Mercy gave command performances when requested (or if she wanted something!) Sadly, the last time we saw that smile was when we returned from the DPCA Nationals in 1996. She was so excited to see us again and gave us that old, familiar greeting. However, our joy was short-lived when two days later, she had a seizure. The medication didn't help much, except to make her disoriented, and we cut it down as much as we could. However, she became agitated and couldn't sleep at night. When she cried, one of us would get up in the night to stay with her and comfort her -- that seemed to give her reassurance. She was finally diagnosed as having a brain tumour, and we could postpone the inevitable no longer. She died in our arms and, buried in her pink blanket, she rests here at home.

Mercedes was every breeder's dream -- and through her, our dream came true... We still miss her so very, very much.